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Power Pointe Lecture and Excel Templates
Principles of Financial Accounting
Handout Ch.1
Handout Ch.2
Handout Ch.3
Handout Ch.4
Handout Ch.5
Handout Ch.6
Handout Ch.7
Handout Ch.8
Handout Ch.9
Handout Ch.10
Handout Ch.11
Handout Ch.12
Principles of Managerial Accounting
Accounting in a Nutshell 1
Accounting in a Nutshell 2            
Handout Ch.13
Handout Ch.14
Handout Ch.15
Handout Ch.16   and Ratio Handouts
Handout Ch.17
Handout Ch.18
Handout Ch.19a  and 19b (2 files)
Handout Ch.20
Handout Ch.21
Handout Ch.22
Handout Ch.23
Handout Ch.24